All About Chef Knives

General information about the different chef knives, including uses and the various features that make them suitable for their tasks.

Chefs knife

A chef’s knife is a type of cutting tool used by cooks and caterers to prepare food. It is made of a wooden handle and has a large carbon steel blade sharpened on one side. It is used to chop vegetables and also to slice meat.

kitchen knives

These are knives that are used to cut meat, slice herbs, and chop nuts. Common types of kitchen knives include bread knives, utility knives, steak knives, cheese knives.


A circular stone that is made of natural sand tone and usually revolves around an axle. The tool is used for shaping and grinding objects such as knives.

Japanese knives

There are two main types of Japanese knives, that is, the Kataba and Ryoba. They have very long blades with a very sharp edge; it is vital to store the utensils properly since they lose their sharpness quickly compared to other knives.

Knife set

A knife holder is usually placed in the kitchen to store knives to prevent damage to the blades. Different knife sets are designed to hold a certain number of knives.

Vegetable knives

These are specific knives designed to cut vegetables such as potatoes, onions, and cabbages in the required sizes.

Kitchen scissors

A kitchen tool that is used for snipping herbs, opening packed food, and breaking down poultry. Kitchen scissors are usually made up of stainless steel material that is not prone to rust; hence, they can serve the user for an extended period.

Slicing knives

They have long and thin blades with a pointed tip to cut food into more delicate pieces. You can also use it to slice fruits and vegetables since it is very sharp.

Peeling knife

A knife is commonly used for peeling vegetables and fruits since it is very sharp and can slice through hard, tough skins.

Santoku knives

The knives originated from a Japanese vegetable knife that has a rectangular blade. They are also known as bocho knives, which means that the knife has three uses. The knife is best for dicing fruits, slicing meat into thinner pieces, and mincing.

Sushi knife

A sushi knife is a particular type of knife specifically designed for handling small amounts of raw fish. ( The Japanese mainly use it to prepare seafood for packaging and home consumption.

Universal knives

They are also known as kitchen mats since they can fit in all sections of the kitchen. They have broad and smooth blades that are around 10 to 15 cm long. (

Boning knife

A kitchen knife that is sharp-pointed and has a narrow blade. It is used for removing bones in poultry, fish, and beef. Some of the boning knives have an arched edge that makes them perfect for their task. (

Filleting knife

It is a kitchen knife used to prepare fish and has a broad blade between 15 to 28 cm long.

Bread knife

A kitchen knife with a serrated blade allows the user to cut through the bread without causing any damage to it.


A tool that is used to sharpen blades of utensils such as knives. Before you use it, you have to submerge it in water for some time to give you the best results.