Planning For a Bigger Family Health and Wellness

Planning For a Bigger Family  Health and Wellness

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Parents who have expanded their family know it can be challenging. The best thing to do is prepare for the transition by making sure everyone knows what will happen and that some things will remain the same no matter what. Chances are your other children will have the most difficult time adjusting. They may feel as if they have no control, and much of the attention that was focused on them will no longer be just for them. This often leads to jealousy and acting out. Keep in mind that no matter how your new addition comes to you, there will almost always be plenty of time to prepare. If you are expecting, there will be several months to get ready. It also gives you plenty of time to work on getting things organized and in order so your transition to having a newborn in the house again will go smoothly. If you are trying to get pregnant through medical treatments and your child will come to you through IVF Oakville Ontario or infertility Oakville Ontario services, you will still have the process and the pregnancy to prepare.

Should you be adopting or choosing to foster a child, there will be a period of time leading up to the placement. Make sure you use this time to prepare everyone for the change and to make sure you are ready to take on a whole new responsibility.

Instead of worrying about the adjustment period, prepare for it. Understand that the children already in your family will have a difficult time and you should make sure you do what you can to ease them into being a big brother or big sister. Talk with them ahead of time so they know what will be happening. Explain to them there may be times when more attention is given to the new baby, but that it is because the new baby requires more assistance with things like eating and getting dressed.

If the big brother or big sister can claim independence, it will build their confidence and help them feel better. Explain that their help will be needed with their new little sibling. Find age appropriate helpful things your older child can assist with. Children love teaching and guiding younger children and setting a standard early on for the older sibling helping the younger will help them bond throughout their lives.

Finally, schedule time when you and the older children can still spend time along together. Every so often make plans with just the two of you and leave baby behind with your spouse or another relative. Your old child will respond positively to special treatment and things they can do because they are older.

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