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Dolly health

Mega moth stalks sicko city - What drives these infernal insects to seek the mouths of confused Cosmopolitan and Dolly journalists? Nobody knows; it could be the same alien forces that compel NSW Health Minister Reba Meagher to keep leaving her electorate for fancier beachside zones (more...)

Prophet Warren Jeffs'' conviction won''t stop underage marriages among ...

Phoenix New Times - The state Department of Health Services and the Department of Economic Security have been quietly providing services to ... Comment by dolly ? September 9, 2007 @ 08:41PM I have ... (more...)

Life?s Blueprint

Egypt Today - Centuries before being able to clone Dolly the Sheep, humans recognized that living things inherit traits from their parents ... topic of interest and ?this time the core was molecular genetics and the role of regular genetics: offering better health ... (more...)

Kermit area youth form new 4H club

Williamson Daily News - ... Al Gore, Dolly Parton, Johnny Carson, and Johnny Cash. Traditionally every 4H meeting starts and ends by reciting the 4H pledge: ?I pledge my head to clearer thinking, My heart to greater loyalty, My hands to larger service, and my health to better ... (more...)

Diabetes Epidemic Addressed in Exclusive Series for - Good health is the foundation for having a good life,? says Dolly Carlisle, executive editor at ?At ReZoom, we are committed to keeping our readers informed about health issues that most impact those over 40. As an integral part of ... (more...)

Roberts says lawsuit is about money

Tulsa World - This story and stories in subsequent editions misspelled the name of Stephanie Cantees, the sister-inlaw of Richard Roberts and an employee of Oral Roberts Ministries. Oral Roberts University President Richard Roberts told students at the regular ... (more...)

Make My Day

American Reporter - The image that came to my mind was of Dolly Parton without the goop on. I admit it, I fell in love. Kelly gave a rip ... Universal health care - well, finally, you''re for it. You caved in pretty easily when you started on that issue in the White ... (more...)

Collinsville Chorale goes Broadway

News-Democrat - ... extra space also will allow the group to spice up the music from 50 different musicals, including "Oliver," "Hello, Dolly ... by The Waterloo Merchants Group, the sixth annual gala will include a concert by Raven Moon at 11 a.m. as well as a health ... (more...)

Davison Missionary Church, 1481 Gale Road

WJRT - In 1972 Dolly Woodard helped to establish the SAC Tours of the homes, which were built in 1952. Cost: $35.00 Local restaurants ... Health Source & The Kostrezewa Foundation present Paul Jones. He has dedicated his life to helping people have peaceful and ... (more...)

Curtain Call

Bay Weekly - He then served two years of hard labor, lost his family, his health and his wealth, and died a few years later, a lonely and ... The Talent Machine?s Hello Dolly! The cast of The Talent Machine?s Hello Dolly! isn?t even old enough to drive, but in ... (more...)