Laura Bush helps launch health center

Laura Bush helps launch health center


Debate health

Miami Herald - Laura Bush helps launch health center ... We encourage lively, open debate on the issues of the day, and ask that you refrain from personal comments and remarks that ... (more...)

Stark Apologizes for Saying Troop Deaths Amuse Bush (Update1)

Bloomberg - During the Oct. 18 debate on a measure to expand a children''s health insurance program, Stark said Republicans won''t spend more money on health care but will spend it on an ``illegal war in Iraq.'''' ``You''re going to spend it to blow up ... (more...)

CNBC - Fred Thompson and former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani were a little fast and loose with the facts on a couple of issues in the presidential debate. Health Care Debate: The Truth Is Out There Democratic presidential candidates are throwing out ... (more...)

U.S. lawmaker apologizes to Bush for war remark

Reuters UK - During House debate on Thursday on a Democratic bill vetoed by Bush to expand health insurance for needy children, Stark lectured Republicans and ignited a political firestorm. "You don''t have money to fund the war or children. But you''re going to ... (more...)

Md. Mom Aids Bid For Health Coverage

Washington Post - A Maryland family caught in the partisan crossfire over a children''s health-care bill in Congress is now stepping back into the divisive debate, advocating this time for state legislation that would expand coverage for adults. Three weeks ago, after ... (more...)

Senate reverses Bush''s cuts to education, health as veto battle looms

San Diego Union-Tribune - WASHINGTON ? Democrats are reversing President Bush''s cuts to education, health research and grants to local communities as ... During several days of Senate debate, Republicans did not offer a single amendment to make specific, substantial cuts to the ... (more...)

Big Debate Mystery - The Case Of The Missing Health Policies ...

Medical News Today - AMA President, Dr Rosanna Capolingua, expressed disappointment that neither leader chose to discuss their plans for the future health of the nation in last night''s Leaders'' Debate. Dr Capolingua said it is hard to believe that health hardly rated a ... (more...)

Dems Showcase College Kids Of Undocumented Immigrants

CBS News - (The Politico) Democrats have not been shy about showcasing children during the children''s health care debate, so they''ve decided to highlight the stories of three college-age kids of illegal immigrants in their push to pass an immigration measure ... (more...)

Cold drug debate�may take years to�work out

MSNBC - Cold drug debate could take years to shake out Drugmakers promise to fight restrictions on use in older kids ... Richard Neill, a family medicine physician with the University of Pennsylvania Health System. During the hearings panel ... (more...)

Special ed is drawn into exam debate

Baltimore Sun - The discussion is taking place as part of a larger debate by the state school board over whether all students, beginning with ... Geppi''s Entertainment Museum ? LifeBridge Health ? Ryland Homes (more...)

Huckabee: No Health Care for Dirty Hippies

TalkLeft: During the Republican debate last night, after attacking Hillary, contender Mike Huckabee had this to say : "We don''t have a health care system. We have a health care maze. And we don''t have a health care crisis. We have a health crisis. Eighty percent of the $2 trillion we spend on health ... (more...)

Debating Health Care

Outside the Beltway: Tyler Cowen has an interesting post on health care that lists a number of interesting facts/points about the health care debate. Two of his points stuck out for me. The first is, American’s high expenditures, however wasteful they may be, nonetheless drive much of the world’s medical ... (more...)

Schip Shit: Democratic Congressman a Disgrace, Republicans Say

Wonkette: Dude above is Rep. Pete Stark , who lashed out at House naysayers during yesterday’s SCHIP debate in somewhat controversial fashion. Minority Leader Roy Blunt is already calling for Democrats to denounce him post haste! And for him to denounce himself! He questioned why the government wouldn’t ... (more...)

Medicare''s Greatness

Sound Politics: A common refrain from many left of center in the debate about health care is that government health care can''t be so bad as the critics say. Medicare works well, right? David Horsey made just such a point recently. Likewise... (more...)

New Study Confirms Abortion Facts

ScienceBlogs: For decades the pro-choice side in the abortion debate have consistently made two arguments: A) that banning abortion does not stop abortions, only forces them underground; and B) forcing them underground into an unregulated, unlicensed black market increases the risks to a woman''s health. A new ... (more...)

Pete Stark & Republican Outrage

Daily Kos: The Republicans are outraged, outraged , I tell you, and they are demanding that Rep. Pete Stark apologize for crossing, "all lines of decency and decorum." At issue, of course, are the remarks the Congressman made during Thursday''s debate on the vote to override George Bush''s veto of health ... (more...)

Fast Facts: Election 2008: New Interactive Side-by-Side Comparisons of Presidential Candidate

ResourceShelf: Fast Facts: Election 2008: New Interactive Side-by-Side Comparisons of Presidential Candidate As part of its ongoing effort to inform debate about health care issues in the 2008 presidential election, Kaiser created an interactive online tool to compare the health care proposals of presidential candidates. ... (more...)

Debate Happening Now On Children''s Health Coverage

Kicking Ass: The effort by House Democrats to override Bush''s veto of children''s health coverage has begun. The debate is happening now . The vote is expected at 12:30 p.m. Eastern. (more...)

Bozell: Hollywood Hates People Who Oppose Sex at 11 - Exposing Liberal Media Bias: This week''s column on entertainment and culture issues from Brent Bozell focused on how King Middle School in Portland has agreed to allow its health center to offer contraceptives -- even pills and the patch -- to middle-schoolers without parental knowledge or consent. Brent borrowed from ... (more...)

Government so small it can fit in your wine glass

Adam Smith Institute Blog: Research published this week has shown that ''hazardous'' drinking habits are mostly concentrated in England’s more affluent areas, contrary to the ''binge drinking yoof'' stereotype that plagues the debate about alcohol-related health. According to the report, men who drink between 22 and 50 units ... (more...)