Treating Sciatica And Back Pain

Treating Sciatica And Back Pain

Sciatica is a painful condition that causes extreme pain down a person’s leg. The cause for this is the irritation of the sciatic nerve – the main nerve to run through the leg. Usually the condition is apparent when the nerves pass through the lowers bones the spine.

The pain itself is felt in a few places, but mainly the legs and in some instances – down into the feet. There is not just pain involved, but also numbness and weakness of the muscles combined with irritation back pain that can be felt even before the condition is fully present.

Other factors can help doctors to realize whether a condition is sciatica or something more serious. Certain pointers include losing a large amount of weight, having or having had cancer, feeling unwell for a length of time or having back pain immediately after an injury. Medical attention in these cases is advised to check the diagnose back pain correctly.

Usually sciatica resolves itself within a few days up to a few weeks and specific treatment is not necessary. Keeping active is helpful, as well as limiting bed rest and remaining in work. Although the natural reaction is to rest in bed, this itself will not treat the problem. Basic pain killers can help to control the pain, such as ibuprofen and paracetamol.

An epidural may be advised in extreme cases. A special liquid is injected into the spine to numb the nerves that are being irritated and causing the pain.

Surgery to stop the nerves from being pressed by the bones within back is sometimes required in the most extreme of cases. This is something doctors resort to very infrequently due to the high risks involved in back surgery.

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