Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy

Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy
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I own a malamute. He is a beautiful dog with a warrior�s soul and…
Foxtail Grass Dangerous To Dogs
If you have dogs, keep the foxtail out of your lawn! Foxtail is a common annual grass usually considered a weed. It grows one to three feet tall, with branching and some spreading at ground level. Leaf blades are 4 to 15 inches long. Flower heads ar
Smokers Put Pets At Risk
Do you smoke? Need an incentive to quit? Do you have pets? Then that beloved pet just might be the incentive you need to stop. Researchers at the University of Massachusetts have discovered that pets are affected by second-hand smoke. Cats living wi
How To Prevent And Treat Hotspots
Hot spots, also known as Summer Sores or Moist Eczema, can make a dog and its owner miserable. The wet, skin lesions appear and grow larger by the hour. Dogs most susceptible to hot spots are those with heavy coats and histories of allergies, ear in
Keep Your Dogs Teeth Healthy
Dogs get plaque and tartar on their teeth just like humans do. Cleaning your dogs teeth between professional cleanings is very simple. Keeping your dogs teeth and gums clean will eliminate "doggy breath" as well as keep your dog healthy. Most veteri
Dogs And Bad Breath
I know that its important to cure bad breath in my dog when it occurs because I once lost a dog to periodontal disease, which often accompanies tartar buildup and foul breath in dogs. You see, tartar buildup on a dogs teeth fosters the growth of odo
Cats And Bad Breath
Cat bad breath is not so different from human bad breath: it tends to be caused by the activities of bacteria in the mouth that break down proteins and release sulfur compounds into the air. Sulfur smells bad, so breath that contains sulfur compound
Does Your Dog Suffer From Allergies?
Dogs can get allergies for a variety of reasons, but there are a few culprits that lead to a state of a weakened immune system. Once a dog has a weakened immune system, he may start having allergic reactions to things that would not normally bother
A Peril To Your Pet: Cat Diabetes
Several rats must have cursed your lovely cat! It has feline diabetes. Like a human being, it has gone through pathological tests. And the tests have confirmed that the cat has diabetes. In the initial stage, you are not willing to believe this. But
Protecting Cats From Cancer
Cancer does not just affect human beings, cats can also be prone to the ill affects of this deadly disease. I have a cat who is called Pip and in this article I will be writing about my families experience in protecting her from cancer, which the ve
Your Pets And Allergic Dermatitis
Allergic dermatitis is one of the most common skin diseases that may pester or affect your beloved dogs or cats. You should be informed, however, allergic dermatitis is a serious chronic skin disease that can never be cured, only treated or controll
Yeast Overgrowth in Dogs
There is a never-ending circle of myths that make their way around the Internet. The more we continue to read the same thing over and over, the more believable it may seem. Further, dogs are not people and what applies to what species, doesnt always
Natural Treatment For Pets
It is very important to maintain a good healthy body by regular exercise. Walking or swimming for 5-10 minutes is very important, you can increase the time period with passage of time. Essiac Tea in combination with different kind of herbs has been
Sniffling, sneezing, coughing and blowing your nose probably seem like second nature to you -- and you likely don''t put …